August 21, 2019
The Tulsa Packer Backers Club was started during the 1995 Football season by Steeler Dave and Half Yard Dave as an answer to the limited showing of Packer games in the Tulsa area. They appointed Crazy Tim and Cheesehead Pete as the commentators and giver awayers of the prizes and soon to join the ranks was Tequila Tory, assuming the role of Executive Prize Boy. All enjoyed a wonderful season which took them well into the playoff games.

However, the restlessness of the off season brought about a Coup d'Tat and Crazy Tim and Cheesehead Pete became "The Self Proclaimed Dictators for Life". Tory remained at their sides and were soon joined by CheezWiz Paul, Mark Loaf, the Murph, and many others to lend a hand.

As we enter our 23rd season, we will once again be meeting at Remington's Sports Bar in the Marriott Southern Hills Hotel, and we are looking at another membership of 500+ for this season.

Membership is only $1.00 per year and that includes the playoff games. This entitles members to door prizes and discounts at Remington's and our Semi-Occasional newletter "The Yardlines" and other bargins and discounts as they arise. You can sign up at any of the Tulsa Packer Backer events or e-mail us with your address, etc. and we will put you on the mailing list.


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